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Books : Murder at the Edge of Nowhere

Murder at the Edge of Nowhere
"Everyone has something they want to hide, but you have more than most." Christabel Steele flipped her hair backward, a movement she knew accentuated her beauty. She pictured her sleek, golden hair fanning in practiced perfection over her right shoulder. The gesture usually mesmerized men and annoyed women. But today, her quarry's eyes glazed with fear. Christabel licked her lips, savoring the moment. Like an antelope caught in the underbrush. But instead of blood, I'll taste money."

Liz O'Brien returns to her hometown to make peace with her ailing mother. She expects to find boredom and monotony. Instead, she discovers the romantic designs of a handsome cowboy, and a morass of secrets that land her in the crosshairs of a killer.

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