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Jacqueline “Jackie” King is a full time writer and native Okie who lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma. At 49 she survived an unexpected divorce and a few years later wrote Flirting at Fifty, her first novella. This humorous account of what is sometimes called “splitting the blanket” in Oklahoma, is part of Chik~Lit for Foxy Hens (2006).

The anthology was a success and the Foxy Hens series, brainchild of writer Peggy Fielding, was birthed. Next King wrote The Spinster, the Pig and the Orphan, set in 1889 Guthrie, for Statehood Foxy Hens and Murder Most Fowl (2007). Her third novella, The Ghost Who Wouldn't Skeddadle, will be published late in 2007 in Foxy Hens Go Bump in the Night. This anthology includes Peggy Fielding’s Half-Hollow Hill.

King Writes Nonfiction with a New Style

As with any professional, when her publisher asked for a nonfiction book to fit their Devoted Books imprint, King said, "Okay." Keeping the same voice developed while writing fiction, she changes the tone and style of her work for this new project. Some of her stories in Devoted to Cooking deal with the emotional trauma of surviving divorce, learning to cook for one, and surviving on your own.

Written with her daughter, Chef Jennifer Sohl, Devoted to Cooking includes Bible verses, prayers, and recipes along with heart-rending true-life family stories. Depicting both hard times and happy family gatherings, these tales will bring either tears or laughter to readers.

A Fiction Writer at Heart

King fell in love with mysteries at the age of seven when she read her first Bobbsey Twins novel. She soon moved on to Nancy Drew and then to Agatha Christie. Mysteries, the hardest of all genres to plot, is King’s favorite thing to write and she has an inn-sitter series featuring Grace Cassidy.

The Inconvenient Corpse, Book one, Deadly Niche Press, 2009

The Corpse Who Walked in the Door, Book two, Deadly Niche Press , 2014

The Corpse and the Geezer Brigade, Book three, Deadly Niche Press , due in early fall,

King has also published dozens of short stories about women and women’s problems. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America, Romance Writers Ink, and Tulsa NightWriters.

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