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Welcome to my writing corner! My friends are always surprised to learn that I kill people on paper to entertain myself and readers. Each day I sit at my computer and write cozy mysteries featuring Grace Cassidy, an inn-sitter. Poor Grace. I get her into so much trouble; then she has to figure a way out of the mess. Book one in the series, The Inconvenient Corpse starts like this:

“Grace Cassidy stared at the stranger’s body. He was about sixty, pot-bellied, naked, and very dead. She knew he was dead because his skin was the color of concrete. Worst of all, he was lying smack dab in the middle of her bed.”

The Corpse Who Walked in the Door-Book 2: Grace is determined to rebuild her life, change herself into her version of a woman warrior, and get a divorce. Then Trouble, the cat, finds another body.

I’m currently working on Book 3, due early fall of 2015. Here is the first paragraph of The Corpse and the Geezer Brigade:

“The last thing Grace Cassidy expected to see when she accepted a job as inn-sitter in Tulsa, was a gathering of steely-eyed old men seated in the B&B. Rich and powerful men like her late father. Only these men were scared. If there was one thing Grace had learned to sniff out in the past six months, it was fear.”


Jackie at work
Me at Work, wearing my writing uniform.

King and Fielding
Jackie King and Peggy Fielding signing at Steve's Books in Tulsa.
(Peggy is no longer with us... neither is Steve's Books.)

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